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Why Vutest

Vutest is the creation of a company committed to ocular research and the development of sight testing and ophthalmic equipment for more than a century. Unique binocular vision sight testing systems have evolved at the Northampton base of EyeLab Ltd since the introduction of Infinity Balance eye examinations by the founder of the company A. E. Turville.

Vision Screening systems were conceived and developed for industry and schools as early as the 1950's. These were in use until the introduction of Vutest, the world's first PC driven sight test, which was marketed by Keeler Ltd (Windsor) from 1993.

Further research and development has led to today's 'online' version of Vutest and, as a pilot study, this has successfully replaced the original desk-top Vutest employed by the Northamptonshire Health Authority.

Vutest satisfies the EEC Regulations in respect of companies' obligation to arrange sight tests for DSE users. This is covered in the UK by the Health and Safety (DSE) Regulations 1992. Regulation 5 'Eyes and Eyesight'.

A 'junior' or 'light' version of Vutest 'online' is available for schools and education authorities.

Vutest does not use or require any hardware or special glasses to be worn for the tests and does not require supervision or any form of judgement or checking by a trained person. As a result Vutest is ideally suited as a universal and comprehensive company vision screening tool for office and mobile / outdoor staff use.
Test Advantages

  • Fully accredited optometric tests comprehensively analyse all the visual functions required for VDU work.

  • The pass or failure rate is a fixed factor, unvarying and locked into the intellectual property of the software. This avoids the variations in results found with different practitioners, consulting room conditions and different clinical techniques and judgements.

  • All tests and characters used are infinitely randomised for every subject tested thereby preventing learning or passing on test results.

  • An on-screen and print-out result and advice sheet automatically concludes each test indicating pass or failure rate. An optometric analysis of failed tests is also provided to be presented to the subject's optometrist for a full eye examination.

  • Vision screening for VDU operators on their own computer and at the employees workstation uniquely mimics and provides the perfect test conditions for lighting, posture and screen characteristics and position. This form of environment testing produces the most accurate and customised vision assessment for each individual.

  • Being fully in control of the test employees feel more comfortable checking their own vision and more confident with the result. They also like to be free of being judged by an observer as in a conventional eye test.

  • Results are stored in the company database and can be accessed by the company for statistical purposes and staff reviews.

  • When tests are running low the system prompts the re-purchase of further batches of tests.

  • Evidence of the past 25 years of Vutest shows that staff are very accepting of a sight screening office based system. This is now greatly enhanced by making Vutest available online.

  • Employees requiring a full eye examination are free to visit an optician or optometrist of their choice. Some companies however, make arrangements with a local optometrist to examine employees who fail Vutest. By arrangement the Vutest charge can be fully offset against the optometrist's fee for this service further reducing the statutory cost of VDU corporate eyecare and fully negating the Vutest charge in these cases.

      Cost Advantages

  • Employees do not leave their desk or the building to access a sight testing service. This saves a minimum of half an hour travel plus half an hour testing time away from work.

  • Advice about sight performance is totally unbiased and based on acknowledged levels of compensated and comfortable sight to enable efficient and productive VDU work. Vutest does not prescribe or sell glasses and has no vested interest in the results it produces.

  • Rate of work improves significantly when employee's eyesight is optimised and the tests provide a simple and fast method to assess employees' visual competence to maximise performance.

  • Vutest takes only 5 minutes to complete and generally causes little or no strain, especially for staff with adequate, normal eyesight.

  • Computer driven sight tests have been in use since 1992 and Vutest was the first system available. During these years a consistent pass rate of approximately 70% has reduced the cost of the staff sight test commitment of many firms by a very significant degree.

  • Vutest charges are much lower than regular eye examination fees. Registration and renewal are available online and support from EyeLab is always present.


    'Vutest' is a quick, inexpensive and efficient way to detect warning signs of unwelcome changes.

    Tests are purchased in batches of 10 in advance. At anytime company users are able to download a password protected database file of all their employees' test results.

    Please note that individual users choosing the 'Start Personal Vutest' option are exempt VAT.

    Home Why Vutest For All Users Company Users Educational Users For Optometrists Download Brochure
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