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Welcome to the only scientifically and professionally designed sight test on the Internet. 'Vutest' analyses your ability to see comfortably and to use your eyes correctly whilst using a computer.

Developed by optometrists, vision scientists and programmers at EyeLab (UK) Ltd. in 1991, 'Vutest' complies with EEC Regulations 1992, Reg. 5 'EYES AND EYESIGHT' implemented for the protection of VDU operator's eyesight.

'Vutest' has been approved by The Institute of Ophthalmologists, UK.
Dr S.Barnard,Director of Ocular Medicine, Institute of Optometry, London,
and has been in use as an office vision-screening system since 1992.

'Vutest' is easy to follow and we hope, enjoyable to perform and should take about 5 minutes to complete.


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Vutest is the most comprehensive online eye test designed by optometrists and vision scientists. Vutest is an online vision screening eye test for computer users. There are 6 tests that evaluate various visual functions. You can take the test free of charge and find out for yourself the small fee involved in obtaining your results.